Audio-visual seminar

Around the start of the first year in Interaction Design, all of the students had to produce a short documentary video in groups of five, as part of a one week seminar. Thanks to theoretical contributions during the first day we learnt basic skills about making a documentary video. Then we scheduled our week to decide the moment when we had to write the storyboard, then filming all we needed and finally edited the video. My personal work was to manage the team, to film with the camera and to participate in the editing part. The final result, a three minutes documentary video on the Glasses Designer Naoned, was very well received by the jury.

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Processing and sound workshop

In groups of three students, we made a little game in a workshop that lasted an entire week at school. In the middle of my first year in Interaction Design, the school gave us a massive kit of Meccano pieces and a MaKey MaKey kit. Thanks to the Meccano pieces, I built a joystick that I mixed with MaKey MaKey contacts to control our game. My teammates made the graphic interface and the programming behind the controller I made. Finally we produced a spatial shooter where the joystick allows to look up, look down, left and right to aim at enemies that spawn around the player and shoot them.

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Stopmotion seminar


At the end of 2015, Julia Peguet, a stop motion video animator from Studio Aardman came at school to introduce us stop motion video. She gave us courses and methods and then, our mission was to make our own stop motion video. In groups of three students we chose a submarine place where we gave life to a whale-like creature represented by a stapler. Basically we had to take a picture between each micro moves of the subject, fish and scenery elements. This was a meticulous work of patience and precision. In this short stop motion video, we criticize the massive amount of garbage in the ocean by making our creature die because of the plastic it eats.

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CaptainClic website


The time bank project began in February 2016. The goal was to make a website based on the time bank system. With one teammate, we spent time to find a sector where people would help each other. The computer field was a good choice so we created a platform where people can ask for help or offer help. Those people can contact a helper or a person who needs help and make an appointment to fix problems or learn something in exchange for another favour. We first designed the mock-ups and then we programmed the website to make it navigable. So we finished with a functional website to show the whole concept of our creation to our teachers.

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Hi there ! I'm a Student at L'Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique, studying Interaction Design. In this course I'm mainly learning to design websites, to make photography and videos, to produce my own graphic design on projects, 3D modelling and animation, to draw storyboards and obviously, adopting a typical design work method. Beside from school, I'm very passionate about videogames, photography, cinema, electronics and Japanese culture.

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